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Our focus is Business Valuations (Appraisals) for most industries and sectors. Our proven approach and methodology are relevant and applicable across industries and business structures, including C- and S-Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships.

Overview of ourprovenreplicablewell documenteddefendablevaluation process.


Management Interview

A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the business. Including the history, products, markets, customers, management and employees, facilities, capital structure, and competitors.

Document Review

Review important documents, including shareholder agreements and by-laws, key customer contracts, and leases.

Financial Analysis

Detailed analysis of the past 5-7 years of income statements and balance sheets, common- size and industry peer group analysis to identify trends and anomalies.


Develop a forecast based on management's input, but independently validated forecast of expected future operations.

Conclusion of Value

Apply the three business appraisal approaches: Income (earnings relative to public market returns), Market (develop price to revenue and earnings multiples), and Asset (analyze underlying assets and liquidation values). Reconcile the indications of value from each approach into a conclusion.

Written Appraisal Report

Document all the relevant research, analysis, observations, and conclusions, ensuring compliance with USPAP. Reports typically include over 100 pages based on specific facts.
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Manuel Santana

Manuel Santana

President - BCA, BCA-R, CBI, CPPM, MBA, MSE

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We deliver highly defensible business valuations for small and mid-sized privately held companies. We offer deep knowledge and expertise to prepare complete, well-documented, and well-founded opinions of business value. The primary reasons companies seek our valuation services include:

Business Sale47%

The most common reason to get a business appraisal is when selling a business. Buyers want to know the fair market value before making an offer. Sellers also want to know the value to help set an asking price.

Business Financing21%

Banks or investors often require a business appraisal before approving financing like a business loan. The valuation helps establish the business's worth as collateral.

Tax Reporting14%

Appraisals are sometimes needed for tax reporting purposes, such as establishing the value of donations, gifts or estate assets.


When forming partnerships, existing partners may want an appraisal to determine the value of contributions made by new partners. Appraisals establish equity stakes. A highly defensible business valuation is also developed to resolve owners' disputes.


An objective business valuation is essential in determining the equitable distribution of assets as part of a divorce settlement. In these situations, our client may be a partner, the two jointly, or their advisor(s). In these cases, it is essential to follow the standard of value and personal goodwill defined by each state.




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