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Business Valuations

Tax Matters. Business Sales. Shareholder Disputes.

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A Certified Appraiser protects your interest.

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Broker Price Opinion

Market Approach for Financial Planning. This report is Compliant with the highest standards but has restricted uses.

Business Valuation

USPAP-Compliant Reports that focus on the most critical information without overwhelming you with details.

Certified Appraisal

Comprehensive valuation when the report may be challenged in court and intended for Client and Other Parties Use.
Valuations Completed

Transaction ExperienceBusiness Valuations that reflect practical transaction experience

An experienced business appraiser who has bought and sold businesses will provide a more accurate valuation. We understand value from the buyer's perspective and have insights into real market conditions that a less seasoned appraiser may lack. Our expertise leads to a valuation that truly reflects what your business is worth.

Multiple Valuation MethodsAppraisal Reports based on proven valuation methods

A business value is ultimately determined when a willing buyer and seller agree on a price. Having multiple valuation methods when negotiating can help you focus the discussion and reach an agreement more quickly. Business valuations can be unrealistic when they don't consider Economic Conditions, Location, and Market and Technological Factors in the appraisers' report.

Smart Valuations | Sharp AnalyticsRigorous valuation process with the most advanced analytics

The latest analytics leverage technology to extract more insights from data, test assumptions thoroughly, and automate processes. This brings more accuracy, efficiency, transparency, and speed to business valuations. Our tools include Predictive Modeling, Scenario Analysis, Visualizations, and real-time financial datasets.

Types of Business Valuations

A Complete Appraisal is a thorough and highly detailed evaluation of a business, which takes into account every aspect of the business and documents the methods and assumptions used to reach the final value determination. It is recommended for situations where the valuation may be challenged, such as in a legal dispute.

Complete Appraisal

Compehensive valuation when the report may be challenged in court.

The Summary Appraisal provides a concise valuation of your business assets. We conduct the same analysis as in a Complete Appraisal but focus on delivering only the most critical information, giving you the big picture without overwhelming you with details.

Summary Appraisal

A complete analysis that summarizes the most essential information.

This USPAP Restricted Use Appraisal report is designed for when the intended user(s) are not sharing the information with outside parties. This report should be considered for those transactions involving the sale of 100% of the company and can be formatted as SBA-compliant for 504 and 7(a) Loans.

Restricted Use

Compliant with the highest standards but not to be shared with outside parties.

A Value Calculation is NOT an appraisal because the appraiser is not coming to a conclusion of value but merely a calculation based on a limited amount of investigation and due diligence. Although a calculation of value does not meet USPAP or IBA standards, it can be a helpful tool for business owners or professionals.

Calculation of Value

A calculation of value for business planning purposes or preliminary litigation matters of a potential sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Business Appraisals should be considered?

Business Appraisals (or valuations) are intended to help you make more data-driven decisions concerning Estate Planning, Gift Tax, Income Tax, Buying a Business, Selling Your Business, Partner Buy-Out, Partnership Disputes, Divorce Purposes, ESOP, SBA/Bank Financing, Startup Valuations.

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